Säkra Sweden, non life operation.

Säkra will in the next two years focus even more in the segment of small and medium sized business.

Even though Säkra is presented all over Sweden there are geographically “blindspots” where certain efforts will be made to fill those gaps.

This includes an effort to grow in affinity.

Säkra shall be percepted as a broker organisation with high skills and professionality. Säkra will offer taylormade education programs to the brokers.

Säkra will challenge established valuechains in order to create higher effectivity and increase profitability. Säkra will not only be seen as a distributor but also an organisation who takes a leas in developing products together with new ways of packaging products. Our believe is that the individual caretaking of customers have to increase and be more relevant for the customer to evaluate. Local attention combined with effective customer relations are overall the most important issue.

Säkra will also seek to be coverholder for specifically chosen products.

In Sweden we have seen insurance companies buying or even establishing separate broker lines. The outcome is yet to be analysed.

The general increase of demands and regulation (solvency) regarding documentation of the brokers specific counceling will affect the whole market. In order to maintain a high profile and attract new brokers as well as customers it will be essential to digitalize tools with the utmost ambition.

Säkra will obtain its present structure and through free-standing brokers offer the market an alternative to those brokers that want to gain the advantages of being supplied with effective tools and systems.

Säkra will strengthen its position in the market and be the marketleader in attracting free standing brokers.


Kristina Hedenborn

Säkra representative non life Eubronet.