Country News The Netherlands januari 2018

We are becoming older and older. This has consequences for the pensions. That is why the pensiondate is increasing from 67 to 68 years. The increase of the pensiondate has consequences fort the employer and employee.

The employer is going to pay a little more for risk premiums, because the height of coverage increases. And the employer has to pay a year longer.

Also the employee has to work a year longer and for there pensioenscheme.

Both parties has to agree with the change in contract, despite it is a change in tax law.

Next to the employee pensionscheme, there is a government pension (AOW) in Holland. Yesterday the government decided that the AOW-age in 2023 will be 67 years and 3 months. That means that you have tob e that age to receive the +/- € 10,000.- gross a year from the state.