Claeren and Taylor Mates have decided for the future to use only one trade

Claeren and Taylor Mates have decided for the future to use only one trade

One trade, one company name, “Claeren”.
Besides that nothing changed. Still two locations in the south of The Netherlands an working with a team of 70 committed colleagues.
Claeren, We’ve got you covered



Taylor Mates chooses for Claeren Advies Groep

The financial service provider Claeren Advies Groep located in Brabant has acquired Taylor Mates, located in the city of Oss. Through the acquisition an organization of 79 employees arises with branches in ’s-Hertogenbosch and Oss with a revenue of broadly 8.5 million euros.

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Dutch news update


  • Taylor Mates has at this time more then 1400 business clients in The Netherlands;
  • Dutch companies are finding more and more the way to Taylor Mates as an experienced independent broker if those companies have properties or risks abroad;
  • Taylor Mates is serving almost every Eubronet partner for their business clients of those who have property or businessrisks in The Netherlands;
  • Not only to serve independent is Taylor Mates distictive by the personal touch, also called ‘Tailor Made’;
  • Taylor Mates is proud that they have this month received a price given by the employees of one of the bigger insurance providers in The Netherlands for as they called it ‘the entire oeuvre’. According to their experience Taylor Mates is at the moment the finest, efficient and qualitative broker. Proud we are!


Country News The Netherlands januari 2018

We are becoming older and older. This has consequences for the pensions. That is why the pensiondate is increasing from 67 to 68 years. The increase of the pensiondate has consequences fort the employer and employee.

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Take over insurance company Delta Lloyd

Insurancecompany Nationale Nederlanden will take over insurance company Delta Lloyd.
The transaction will be completed before juli 2017.

No index Pension funds

NL2Pension funds will again not indexing benefits to inflation because of low interest rates.
Expecting that the largest pension fund in The Netherlands will not do indexing the next 5 years.
Discussion on reform of pension system is in full swing

Allianz expands with Aegon portofolio

NL3Aegon has sold its portofolio general business insurances business to Allianz Benelux. Aegon continues with private insurance and income protection insurance in the Netherlands. The transition means that there is a premium volume of over € 90 million to Allianz Benelux

Changes in finance system long term disabled employees

NLThe system to finance the long term disabled employees will be
changed starting on 01-01-2017.

This can have a huge impact, especially for the medium sized & bigger companies. These companies have to make a reorientation about the way to finance this.
In the end there a 2 possible options. First there is the option to finance this risk in the public sector. The premiums are based on economic sectorpremiums and the experience rate of the individual company.

The other option is to choose for a policy at a insurance company.
These choices are not new, but the calculation rules are changed in order to create a more level playing field.

Employers liability

ENFSUAZJRecent verdicts by the Supreme Court have consequences for employers liability. Employers were already hold liable for accidents as a result of unsafe working places. Since a few years employers are also hold liable for accidents of employers they can not affect (directly). Verdicts are based on the fact that the employer do not have sufficient insurance to financially protect the employee (like an accident insurance).

Responsibility for accidents moves more and more towards employers. Liability insurers respond to this sense of movement by extending cover on the liability policy. Some liability insurers even cover accidents in case the employer is not (held) liable at all, just to financially protect the employee (secondary benefits).

BeZaVa Act

imagesA new employer’s premium differentiation for WGA Fixed (fixed labour contracts), WGA Flex (temporary labour contracts) and ZW Flex (temporary labour contracts) is implemented per 1 January 2014.

Employers with a total wage of € 307.000 will pay fixed sector premiums to the tax forces. Employers with a total wage of € 307.001 or more will pay (partial) individual premiums to the tax forces. An individual premium means that companies will pay a higher premium if more employees file claims under the Sickness Benefits Act of the ZW and/or WGA.

Until 31 December 2015 WGA Fixed and WGA Flex have separate (sector) premiums. Employers can choose to get private insurance for WGA Fixed only. (For WGA Flex only public insurance is possible at the moment.) Per 1 January 2016 WGA Fixed and WGA Flex will be combined into one WGA premium and employers can choose for private insurance or public insurance.

For ZW Flex employers can already choose for private insurance or public insurance.

Change in fire recourse arrangement per 2014

VKNQESL6In The Netherlands the property insurer of a third party can recover a payment from a company, in case that company is held responsible for the fire damage. Until 2013 the maximum amount was € 500.000. Since 2014 there is no longer a limited amount. This means companies can be exposed to unlimited claims from property insurers.

An unlimited claim from a property insurer is possible in case of inaccurate acts or neglect. Our advice to companies is to check the cover of the liability insurance and to increase the insured sum of the liability insurance to at least € 2.500.000 per occurance.

Developments relating to broker fees


In 2013 a new law came into force banning commission-based selling in relation to mortgages and ‘complex’ insurance products like pensions, life insurance and individual disability insurance; instead net premiums are offered. Separate Service Level Agreements are entered into and broker fees are agreed with clients.

The broker fees for these products no longer depend on the level and duration of the premium and insured sum, meaning insurance advisors will be more objective. Conversely, customers will pay more for products with limited premiums and separate fees.

The broker is legally obliged to justify commission-based invoices issued to customers or brokers have to agree fixed fees with clients.

Insurance tax


On the 1st of January 2013, the insurance premium tax increased from 9.7% to 21%.